Barcelona, Spain,

ASIAN GAMES 2018 – Agreement between Government of South Sumatra Province and IMS ECUBES ARCOLA for Integrated Infrastructures and Zero emission mobility starting at Asian Games 2018. Governor of South Sumatra, Ex Hon. Alex Noerdin announces comprehensive/largest ever hydrogen infrastructure deal to underpin Asian Games in 2018 with IMS ECUBES ARCOLA.

HE Governor of South Sumatra Alex Nordin, speaking at European Utility Week November 2016:“Despite being a region rich in coal, oil and gas resources, my government has a resolute belief in the need for us to take steps to secure a sustainable, green future. Accordingly, we’ve been searching for many years for an economically feasible solution to deliver green and affordable power.
That detailed, painstaking analysis has led us to seek a hydrogen-based solution and to rely on the expertise and capabilities of IMS ECUBES ARCOLA . We are confident that in addition to the grid power and zero emission mobility solutions that IMS ECUBES ARCOLA will deliver for those involved in the Asian Games, there will be ongoing benefits for the residents of South Sumatra as a key legacy of this decision. “

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