ECUBES TECHNOLOGY is clean energy technology firm developing new technologies and solutions enabling sector coupling and energy storage. By project development we are supporting primarily proprietary technology integration by focusing on clean energy infrastructure and cross-sectoral power infrastructure integration.  Our work also includes project development on resilience, civil and defense sectors by cross-sectoral infrastructure integration projects and services based on hydrogen technologies. Solutions for new business models at TSO-level providing the energy infrastructure of tomorrow – enabling grid flexibility services stability in countries with, as well as meeting requirements for clean power and transport in fast-growing economies.

Hydrogen and flexibility.


HYCUBES and H2GENIUM, seasonal energy storage, proprietary technology with closed material cycle.



2016 – 2018; Hydrogen Valley Indonesia – project delivered at the Asian Games 2018;

2018 – 2022; Hydrogen Valley RESHUB – Pan European defence project

2020 – Present; Transnational  North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley between three territories – Slovenia, Croatia, Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia