Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley Roundtable in Davos during WEF 24

Collaboration, education, innovation, De-risking large scale hydrogen projects

In collaboration between Davos Innovation Center, ECUBES and Y3D.AI, an exclusive event was held involving representatives from the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley in Europe, as well as the Middle East and North Africa. The event highlighted the significant role of clean hydrogen in shaping a sustainable world. Acknowledged by the European Union as a crucial component in achieving climate neutrality, clean hydrogen not only plays a pivotal role in sustainable energy but is also a fundamental element in the promotion of global peace. With its exceptional capability for storing and delivering renewable energy, clean hydrogen stands as a cornerstone in reducing carbon footprints and fostering sustainable energy solutions.

The event aimed at fostering a widespread green energy transition through cross-continental collaboration. The announcement of Project ORYX GREEN ADRIAIC BLUE, which focuses on transporting clean hydrogen from MENA to the North Adriatic region, underscored this commitment.

Establishing a Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley necessitates a comprehensive integration of knowledge, policies, and investments. Educators were instrumental in shaping innovative minds within this field, policymakers are pivotal in laying the groundwork for development, and investors play a crucial role in providing the necessary resources to realize this vision.

The inviduals present at round table were:

  • Jorgo Kakiratzmakis, CEO at Hydrogen Europe
  • Cornelius Matthes, Cornelius Matthes, CEO at MENA Hydrogen Alliance
  • Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO at BEEAH Group
  • Anna Mareschi Danieli, Group Executive and Board Member of DANIELI & C SPA
  • Luigi Crema, Executive Director Hydrogen Europe Research
  • Stephen Taylor, Startegic Coordinator of joint working group at North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley
  • Rodolfo Taccani, Prorector for Technology Transfer University Trieste
  • Aleksander Gerbec, CEO at ECUBES
  • Roundtable was moderated by Yip Thy Diep Ta, CEO at J3D.AI.