Slovenian government is supporting ECUBES for to deliver infrastructure project for Zero emission mobility, where hydrogen technologies will play central role. The proposed project in Slovenia will deliver 16 hydrogen clusters with total capacity of 70 MW of electrolyser hydrogen generation and fleet of over 1000 hydrogen vehicles. The Pre – Feasibility Study indicates satisfactory results, investment will be completed in 2024.

Ministry of Environments and Spatial Planning of republic of Slovenia (MESP) is expressing support for the development of the project Zero Emission Mobility Corridor.

Jure Leben, Minister for Environment and spatial planning said: We understand, that the project Zero Emission Mobility Corridor has an ambition to deliver a scalable solution for clean energy infrastructure. It represents an approach towards a transition to renewable energy and a clean mobility future for Slovenia. As a such, project is in line with our goals for lowering CO2 emissions, including from renewable energy sources. It also meets our ambition for a faster mitigation of climate change. Clean transport, stable and affordable power supply, clean air and decarbonisation of the economy are strategic priorities of the ministry for the environment and Slovenian Government. Slovenia is committed to developing a circular and Low Carbon economy and we see further potential through this project to unlock many additional parallel projects in the field of circular economy.