Is European Defence Sector The Key Enabler For Renewable future?


EDA Chief Executive in Slovenia for talks on RESHUB PROJECT, First defence-energy project developed in Consultation Forum RESHUB a Slovenian MOD led project supported by EDA with a view to improving energy efficiency in the defence sector, and was prepared on a basis of Zero emission Mobility Corridor Slovenia.

“RESHUB”, which stands for ‘Defence RESilience Hub Network in Europe’, is a project conceived and led by the Slovenian Ministry of Defence under the Consultation Forum on Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) which is currently in its third phase. Other participating countries in the project are Austria, Belgium, Germany and Hungary.

The aim of RESHUB is to help build a renewable energy harvesting and hydrogen (H2) energy storage capability and to facilitate cross-Europe transportation, which will lower CO2 emissions and contribute to energy sustainability in the EU defence and security sector. EDA was instrumental in helping participating Member States prepare and draft the RESHUB application following a call for SRSP applications issued by the Commission.

Approved RESHUB project is demonstration, that low carbon future is possible only if defense sector plays the Key role when implementing hydrogen technologies with sector coupling approach.

RESHUB project was prepared exclusively on a basis of ZERO EMISSION MOBILITY CORRIDOR SLOVENIA project concept.

ZERO EMISSION MOBILITY CORRIDOR SLOVENIA project is delivering solutions for clean transport, clean energy, hydrogen energy storage; approach based on hydrogen technologies and sector coupling approach. ECUBES is developing the project since November 2015.
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