EU adopted NEW Hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe. With the new EU Hydrogen Strategy, the EU sets the framework for the development of the hydrogen sector into one of the backbones of the European energy industry.


The EU strategy for energy system integration is outlining a vision to create a smarter, more integrated and optimised energy system, in which all sectors can fully contribute to decarbonisation. According to the European Union, green hydrogen “is a key priority to achieve the European Green Deal and Europe’s clean energy transition.” It is seen as a technology which can bridge the gap between electricity production from renewable energy and the goal of decarbonising a large share of the EU’s energy consumption by 2050.

In order to set the path for how hydrogen can be used in this way, and to make a first step towards setting the regulatory framework for a European hydrogen market, on 8 July 2020 the EU issued its “hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe” (the EU Hydrogen Strategy). The aim of the EU Hydrogen Strategy is to decarbonise hydrogen production and expand its use in sectors where it can replace fossil fuels. Read more…